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The many poses of yoga





This online yoga course is a yoga training online course created by the online training academy.


Try this online yoga course, yoga for beginners, from the comfort of your home and experience a healthier, happier, stress free life.


You can benefit from all that practicing yoga has to offer, right now, without having to pay out for any specialist equipment or even clothing.

 Yoga for everyone

This online yoga course contains many exercises involving different yoga postures, meditations and methods for relaxing, that when combined, contribute to a healthy mind and healthy body.


Asanas are yoga postures, that when performed, provide the body with the exercise it needs in order to be flexible, strong, have good circulation, lots of energy and great posture.


As important as the physical exercises, this online yoga course provides you with methods for relaxing the body.  These methods are necessary in order to re-energise and replenish various bodily systems, helping with maintaining energy levels and reducing stress levels.  For a healthy balance between mind and body, there are also various exercises involving meditation.  These meditations are fantastic for developing self awareness, breathing awareness, increasing focus of attention, clarity of mind as well as inner peace.


This online yoga course has been created for everyone that has ever had a slight interest in yoga, but has never really had an opportunity to engage in this amazing practice. No knowledge of yoga is required to benefit from this online yoga course.  Yoga for beginners is also suited for those that have tried yoga but haven’t been able to commit time to specific classes. If you are already a practicing “Yogi” or “Yogini” and have your routines down, then you would benefit more from an online yoga course for advanced Yoga Asanas.


This online yoga course has been created with beginners in mind, but can be enjoyed equally by those who may have some experience of yoga already.


This online yoga course, yoga for beginners is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to practice yoga, but in their own time and at their own convenience.  Enrolling in our online yoga course entitles you to lifetime access, with online yoga course material regularly updated.  Another advantage of taking this online yoga course, provided by our online training academy is that you receive tutor support, seven days a week.  Tutor support is provided by Libby Seery the online yoga course creator, so you can be sure that any questions you have will be answered.

Yoga can be done anywhere! 

Yoga for beginners is ideal for people wanting to enjoy the benefits of yoga, without having to pay for expensive classes at a health club or gym.  In terms of equipment, you don’t need any specialist equipment to start practicing yoga.  Although some people may prefer to practice using a yoga mat, this is not essential to the practice of yoga or enrolling in this online yoga course and is down to personal preference.


As yoga is normally practiced barefoot, you don’t even have to worry about special footwear. In fact, you can wear anything you choose. As long as you can move freely and are comfortable, then you’re ready to go!


Contained within this online yoga course, yoga for beginners, is some background in relation to the history of yoga and is the perfect introduction to learning the various terms and glossary surrounding yoga. We’ve made it easy to understand and super enjoyable!

What you can expect from taking this online yoga course


Integrate yoga easily and effectively into your lifestyle and benefit from all that yoga has to offer, in just 10 minutes a day.


Be introduced to the Sutra, the seven movements of yoga and gain an understanding of the different types of yoga.


The course is self paced and offers you complete flexibility. Choose to study at a time and place that suits you, safe in the knowledge that help is always at hand.


From the comfort of your own home, you choose when to practice without having to attend expensive classes.  You’ll be able to compose your very own yoga sequences as well as enjoy our guided yoga classes, this will help keep you stimulated and motivated to adopt yoga as part of your daily routine.

 Yoga brings sunshine into your life

With carefully crafted classes, you’ll be able to enjoy a full range of yoga poses, designed to improve flexibility, posture and bring you an enormous amount of health and well-being benefits.  Guided classes include, basic, seated, standing, seated and standing combined and inversion classes.


Have an understanding of mantras and their benefit to you.  Be able to meditate confidently, effectively and master breathing control.


Realise an inner calm as you learn to become self and body aware.


Practice a variety of Sun Salutations along with a full range of asanas.


Section 1 – Introduction to Yoga


Introduction To Yoga – Welcome to this yoga course for beginners. In this introduction you will be able to see the course objectives and goals as well as meet your instructor.


What Is Yoga? – We learn about the history of yoga and its origins.  We also learn that yoga involves three main elements:


1. Breathing


2. Meditation


3. Physical and Mental Exercise

 The tree yoga pose

We learn that yoga exercises combined with breathing control skills, prepare the mind and body for meditation. In turn, meditation affords the mind and body to be free of stress and anxiety.


The Sutra – A Philosophical Guide For Yoga


The Sutra is a collection of 196 principles, acting as a philosophical guide for yogas.  The Sutra outlines the eight limbs of yoga, which are as follows:  Yama – Niyama – Asanas – Pranayama – Pratyahara – Dharana – Dhyana – Samadhi


Types Of Yoga – In this lecture we learn all about the various types of yoga, including:  Bhakti Yoga – Hatha Yoga – Tantra Yoga – Karma Yoga – Raja Yoga – Jnana Yoga


What Do I Need To Practice Yoga? – The great thing about this course is that you don’t need anything to get started! In fact the only prerequisite to gaining maximum benefits, is that you practice wearing something comfortable and that you can move freely in. Apart from that, you are good to go!


Yoga And Spirituality – There is often much confusion surrounding yoga and religion. In this lecture we cover this in greater detail.  Yoga uses a structured set of elements, principles or techniques, to find spirituality, rather than a religion. We learn that yoga is concerned with promoting a healthy body and is the path to a rich and fulfilling life.


We also learn about the “Om” chant.



Section 2 – Yoga Positives 

 Yoga for novices

Reasons To Try Yoga – There are so many reasons why you should try yoga.  We cover why yoga can change your life and bring you endless benefits to you physical and emotional well-being.  You’ll find you’re sleep better and discover an inner calm and peace. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to become more self and body awareness, promoting a sense of well being and happiness.


Physical Benefits Of Practicing Yoga – The physical benefits of practicing yoga are limitless.  Very soon, you’ll notice the changes in you and how you feel.  You’ll learn to have better posture, be more flexible, increase muscle strength, fight off illness, increase bone density, protect your spine and increase your circulation.


Yoga for A Healthy Mind and Body – In this lecture you’ll learn about healthy eating and yoga.



Section 3 – Before You Begin 


The Best Time To Practice Yoga! – Learning to practice yoga, and more importantly, to keep you practicing yoga, it is essential that you decide when is the best time for you to practice.  For some people it is in the morning, and for others in the evening before bedtime. There is no right or wrong time to practice, it is all about fitting into your lifestyle.

 Yoga for all shapes and sizes

Seven Primary Movements of Yoga – Learn about the seven primary movements of Yoga.


What Does A Yoga Session Include? – We learn the importance of warming up and ending a session of yoga. This lecture covers what a typical session might look like.  Of course, as you progress and become more confident, you will have all the tools to be able to compose your own classes.


Things To Note Before Starting Yoga Exercises – We go over the importance of preparation of a yoga class.  Always be sure to have an open mind as this will enhance your experience of yoga.  Make sure you have a gentle warm up and always be sure to go slow to begin with to avoid over stretching and causing yourself discomfort.  Most importantly, you should practice yoga with a big smile, as this relaxes the body and mind, helping you to enjoy the whole experience.



Section 4 – Yoga Essentials 



Introduction To Yoga Essentials – This section introduces you to yoga essentials.  We’ll cover the importance of The Corpse Pose and be introduced to meditations.


The corpse pose features heavily throughout the course, and in this section you will be able to perform it effectively and for the purpose of starting and ending a yoga class.  Meditation is not an essential aspect of yoga, but more of an addition to yoga. We’ll show you how to master it in minutes!

 Yoga for beginners

Corpse Pose – The Corpse Pose is one of the most important poses you’ll learn. Not only does it bring you to a state of calm and relaxation, but it features in quite a number of our guided yoga classes, as it is the perfect starting pose as well as ending a session using this pose.


Performing The Corpse Pose – This lecture does what it says! You’ll learn step by step how to perform this valuable yoga pose.


Meditation For Breathing Awareness – We’ll learn why meditation is a great way to simply unplug from the constant stimulation of modern life and to give the mind, a well-earned rest.  It is also a great way to detach from our thoughts. We can acknowledge them and then just let them be.  We cover 3 different methods, including Breathing Awareness, Japa Mala and Japa Meditation.  Meditation following a yoga session is perfect but not essential.


Meditation 1, Breathing Awareness – The first of our meditations, involves using the breath to meditate.  This is possibly the easiest to learn and can be done in minutes, making it a perfect choice for busy lifestyles!


Meditation 2 – The second meditation (Japa Mala) method involves using prayer beads and is based around holding the prayer beads for 108 breaths.  Prayer beads can be very relaxing for some people and can be purchased online for a few dollars.


Meditation 3 – The third meditation is a mantra repetition (Japa Meditation).  This meditation involves the use of a mantra or a chant and takes around 5 – 10 minutes to practice.



Section 5 – Sun Salutations (salute to the Sun)


Introduction To Sun Salutations – We first get introduced to Sun Salutations, by learning the enormous benefits they can bring to us.  They are great for flexibility and to improve our posture.  Sun Salutations are a sequence of poses, starting and finishing the same, directed by the breath.


Initial Class For Sun Salutations – This first class is an initial class for Sun Salutations.  This is a great class for beginners and you’ll get a great idea of the joys that yoga will bring you!


Individual Postures For Sun Salutations – This lecture covers all the various postures within Sun Salutations.  There are quite a number, but don’t worry, we go over each and every one of them in step by step, showing diagrams, so you’ll be able to grasp them in no time at all!

 Keep calm and do yoga

Sun Salutation – Sun Salutations are a set of yoga poses, that are done in a specific sequence, providing several benefits, these include:


Energising, calming and relaxing you


Increasing muscle strength and flexibility


Warming the body up in preparation for a session of yoga


Preparing the mind and gaining focus for a session of yoga


Sun Salutation 2 – This is the second method of a Sun Salutation


Sun Salutation 3 – This is the third Sun Salutation in the course.  You will no doubt already have benefitted from the first two Sun Salutations and so here is another for you to enjoy!



Section 6 – Yoga Classes 


Introduction To Yoga Classes – One of the biggest problems for many people beginning to practice yoga, is knowing what to practice.  These classes have been carefully created, in order to give you a vast array of yoga poses, ensuring that your interest stays high and your body gets a great workout.

 Stripe a pose

Basic Yoga Class – We begin yoga, with the first 10mins, learning some basic yoga exercises.  The last 10mins is dedicated to meditation, using mantras and muscle relaxation techniques.


Seated Postures Yoga Class – Seated asana postures, provide us with a good grounding in yoga along with a realisation of calm.  This is a great class & includes a range of seated poses.


Standing Postures Yoga Class – These standing postures are great for building strength, balance, focus & includes the Triangle Pose and the Side Angle Pose to name a few.


Seated & Standing Yoga Class – Seated postures are great for grounding and calming while standing postures are more energetic and great for building strength, concentration and focus.  This is a great class with a number of poses including, The Lotus, The Butterfly and The Seated Straddle to name just a few.


Inversion Yoga Class – Inversions (turning upside down), are great for balance, concentration and circulation.  This class includes poses such as The Forearm Stand, which is beneficial for strengthening your arms and shoulders. Opens the hips, improving circulation, balance and patience.


Extended Yoga Class – This is the first of our extended yoga classes and is perfect as you progress and become more confident in your practicing of yoga.


Extended Yoga Class No 2 – This is the second of our extended yoga classes, It contains a varied number of poses for you to master and enjoy.



Section 7 – Conclusion 


Learning Conclusion – We hope you have enjoyed this course and continue to practice yoga as part of your routine!


Remember, this course comes with full support from the course instructor so you are never alone!

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First Class Course  Really delighted I took the decision to have the one to one support. The instructor was amazing and this course is well worth the money. Highly recommended.

Life Changing Self Help Tool  I found this course when I was looking for help in trying to address my anxiety disorder.  After reading the reviews, I decided I would go for it and in five short weeks, I haven’t looked back. I still practise every day but the techniques I have learnt are becoming part of the way I think now.  This course has honestly been life changing and I can’t recommend it enough.

Really Impressed!  I loved this course because with 3 children and a full time job it was almost impossible to commit to a regular college course.  I found it perfect for being able to pick up where I left off and because the exercises are easily integrated with everyday life, it really encourages you to keep practising them.  All in all, I was wholly impressed and have learned so much.

Just A Word   Loved it! 

Fantastic Support From Teacher 10/10  Really impressed with the course as a whole. Although it is challenging, it is taught in a way that is remarkably easy to follow and easy to understand. The support is exceptional. For me, the only time I was able to study was on a Sunday night, and even then, I was always able to get to speak with the teacher. I was so impressed with the level of commitment from the teacher. Can’t recommend this course enough especially if you’re a person who likes to have support on hand.

Brilliant Course  Great exercises on self awareness. Amazed at the support from the tutor. Well done.

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