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How To Be Successful In Every Area Of Your Life – Course Description

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This course is all about learning ways in which we can experience success, in every sense of the word, and in every part of our life.


For some people, they may consider themselves to be successful in their professional life, but unlucky in love. For others, they may have met the person of their dreams, but struggle financially and can never seem to get out of the rat race. Then of course, we have all those people, who never seem to enjoy any success in any area of their life.


We believe that you can have it all and that being successful in one area of your life, doesn’t mean you have to compromise in others areas.


Realizing our true potential is something we’re rarely encouraged to explore, and this could be because of a number of reasons. More often than not, it comes down to a set of values we adopt over the years, which can begin laying their foundation, as early as childhood.


Self-limiting beliefs are a set values we apply to ourself and often without realising it. They are responsible for self-doubt, low self-esteem, and for a lack of confidence. They become a set of “unsaid” rules which govern our attitudes and behaviours, and result in a person never achieving their true potential and never experiencing the joys of feeling truly successful.

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I’ll show you how to recognise self-limiting beliefs, and more importantly to challenge and overcome them, paving the way for you to enjoy unlimited success, and in every part of your life.


Whether you would like to earn more money, start your own business, or find love, I’ll teach you how you can have it all and know your worth!


You’ll learn what success means to you and how you can chart your progress towards your own goals, with the help of resources and tools (all of which are included in the course).


You’ll also learn how to enjoy success as a whole package, including ways in which you can increase your levels of feeling happier and healthier. I’ll show you how to be an effective time manager, and make every count, so that you’re more productive than you’ve ever been!


I offer full support to all of my students, 7 days a week, so you’ve always got someone on your side, cheering you on and keeping you motivated!



What are the requirements for taking How To Be Successful In Every Area Of Your Life?


No prior knowledge or experience is needed


All the resources you need are included in the course


Be assured that the course comes with full support from myself 7 days a week, so there’s always someone on hand to assist you and keep you motivated


All you need to get started is a desire for success, whatever that means for you!


This course is excellent, but unfortunately, it’s not magic, so it will require a little bit of effort on your part and in return, you can expect all the success you could ever wish for!



What am I going to get from How To Be Successful In Every Area Of Your Life?



Over 41 lectures and 3 hours of content!


Learn how to set goals and chart your progress towards your own personal success


Enjoy unlimited financial success


Get ahead in business

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Enjoy successful, meaningful relationships


Be able to measure success in every part of your life


Increase your health and happiness levels


Manage your time effectively, so that you make every hour count!


Flourish academically


Discover what success means to you


Understand what has kept you from successful


Overcome these obstacles with simple techniques and practices


Conquer self-limiting beliefs and sail your way into becoming the most successful you can possibly be!



What is the target audience for How To Be Successful In Every Area Of Your Life?



This course is for everyone!  If you’ve ever wanted to explore your true potential and enjoy success in every part of your life, then this course is for you.


Whether it’s success in the boardroom or the bedroom, this course is for you if you!

How To Be Successful In Every Area Of Your Life – Course Content


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Lecture 1: Who Is This Course Intended For?


Learn more about what you can expect from this course and how it can be used to change your life!



Lecture 2: Meet Your Instructor


Here, you have a chance to meet me, your instructor! Learn about my experience and qualifications, and why I’m equipped at delivering this course.



Section 2: Exploring Success – Lecture 3: What is Success?


It’s a question that is a lot harder to answer than you may think. Learn what people consider to be a measurement or mark of success or what it means to be successful.



Lecture 4: The Path To Success


Here we look at the path of success and success as a process. These include considering a number of factors such as having clear, concise goals, and how much motivation we surrounding these goals.



Section 3: Measuring Success – Lecture 5: How Do We Measure Success?


For the most part, it’s fair to say the obvious answer to this, would be money or financial security. The reality is, success can be measured in all sorts of ways.



Lecture 6: Internal And External Measures of Success


We take a look at the two measures of success, internal and external.  Internal measures are goals that you hold to be important so this could be something like wanting to lose weight for example. Whereby external measures are usually a reflection of society’s values.


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Section 4: Success and You – Lecture 7: What Does Success Mean To You?


In this audio lecture we discuss why one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is, “What does the idea of success means to you personally?”.  Here you have an opportunity to explore this question in finer details, so that you can consider it carefully and deduce your own ideas.



Lecture 8: Your Interpretation Of Success


We encourage you to see life as a game, where you get to set the victory conditions.  In this exercise, your imagination is your only restriction, so dream big!



Lecture 9: Would You Recognise Your Own Success?


When would you know if you were successful? Perhaps you are already and don’t even know it!  We look at ways in which you can appreciate what you’ve achieved already and some fool proof measures that will indicate when you’re right where you want to be!



Lecture 10: Why Do People Want To Be Successful?


In this audio lecture we look at the reasons behind people’s motivation to want to be successful.  We explore the concept of self-worth and self-awareness and how derive much of it from our social environment.



Lecture 11: What Keeps Us From Being Successful?


You’ll learn about the three categories of factors that stop us from being successful and prevent us from achieving success.  We’ll look at factors we have no control over, factors that we can influence, but have no control over and lastly factors that we have a great deal of control over, and can influence our outcomes.



Section 5: Inspiration! – Lecture 12: Quotes on Success


I thought we could kick this section off with some words of wisdom!  I hope they serve as a reminder that anything and everything is possible, you just need cast your fears aside, and embrace the path to success!



Lecture 13: The Story of Hugh Herr


In this lecture, we’re introduced to a man called Hugh Herr. Hugh Herr is an inspirational person with an inspirational story, who teaches us about finding other paths to success and overcoming obstacles that may stand in our way.


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Lecture 14: 11 Things That Successful People Have In Common


Learn what it is that successful people have in common!



Section 6: Influencing Success – Lecture 15: Our Influence On Success


In this lecture, we look at ways in which we can influence our success.



Lecture 16: Are You Afraid Of Success?


This is a neat little lecture designed to help you discover if being afraid, is what’s keeping you from success!



Section 7: Self-Limiting Beliefs – Lecture 17: Self Limiting Beliefs


Self-limiting beliefs are a massive reason why we’re prevented from or discouraged by, when it comes to being successful and reaching our true potential.  Self-limiting beliefs can be responsible for how we view the world and our role in it, along with having an impact on our self-esteem and self-worth.



Lecture 18: How Can We Get Over Self Limiting Beliefs?


This is a powerful lecture that encourages us to turn detective on what we believe to be our reality, and question is there any evidence that supports our belief.  We learn ways in which we can diminish the amount of fear and anxiety you might feel surrounding failure.



Section 8: Habits and Factors of Successful People – Lecture 19: Habits Of Successful People


We’ll look at ten of the most common habits of successful people, including being able to reflect and visualise effectively.  You’ll learn how they value constructive criticism as well as how they deal with practical problems, and always make time for lifelong learning.


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Lecture 20: Common Factors in Successful People


In this lecture we’ll cover some of the most important personality traits of successful people, including bravery, impatience and adaptability.  We’ll encourage you to really develop all your great qualities helping you to become the best you can be!



Section 9: Successful Relationships – Lecture 21: Success In Relationships


When we think of success, it might not include being successful with our relationships, but this is such a huge part of our life, and very often we neglect working towards or really investing in the key relationships in our life.



Lecture 22: Successful Relationships With Our Partners


We spend literally billions as a global nation, trying to find the perfect partner, and someone who we can journey through life together, whilst sharing experiences and all that is important to us.  We’ll cover what is important in a relationship and how you can get the most joy and contentment from this special unity.



Lecture 23: Successful Relationships With Our Families


Families can be a wonderful support network but it’s not without it’s challenges.  Learn how to successfully manage your relationships with all your family members.  We all have family members that we love dearly or would rather keep at a distance, but this lecture is all about getting the balance right.



Lecture 24: Successful Relationships With Our Friends


Friendships are the family we choose for ourselves, but these too, need nourishing and at times can be hard work.  All friendships will encounter ups and downs, but it’s important that we get treated as equals and not taken advantage of, which can so easily happen if we keep hold of friends for the wrong reason.



Lecture 25: Successful Relationships With Our Colleagues


These relationships are particularly tricky, because we spend such a lot of time with our colleagues. But the reality is we don’t choose to be among these people, we are close to them because of our work commitments. With this comes it’s own challenges and you won’t always get along with everyone.  I’ll show you how to manage your working relationships in a way that is harmonious and productive.


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Lecture 26: 10 Things That Successful People Never Do


Learn ten things that successful people never do!



Section 10: Success in The Business World – Lecture 27: Success in Business


Learning how to be successful in business has a lot of transferable skills that we can introduce to other areas of our life.  It’s all about exploring opportunities and giving yourself the edge over your competitors.



Lecture 28: Tools for Setting Up in Business


This is the perfect lecture to help you start your own business. You’ll find in the download section many templates to help you get underway, including a business plan template, start-up capital calculator, and profit and loss projection.



Lecture 29: Determine Your Entrepreneurial Mindset


This is a great checklist to determine your entrepreneurial mindset!



Lecture 30: 10 Dont’s Of Successful People


Read 10 DONT’S of successful people!



Section 11: Financial and Academic Success – Lecture 31: Financial Success


Financial success probably has the most obvious gravitational pull, and something that we can all relate to in one way or another.  We’ll look in greater detail at maximizing our financial potential and ways we can manage our finances more effectively.


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Lecture 32: Academic Success


Now, this might not be an obvious area of life where we think of being successful, but to some people it is incredibly important and helps define who they are and what they want their future to be.



Lecture 33: Seven Routines / Beliefs Shared By Successful People


Learn more of the routines and beliefs shared by successful people!



Section 12: Health and Happiness – Lecture 34: Success With Regards To Your Health


Successful people give this area of their life, great attention. After all, without our health we can’t plan a bright future and we can’t function effectively.  Learning to be successful when it comes to your health, is an absolute priority.



Lecture 35: Good Mental Health


Our mental health dictates how we feel physically and impacts on our mood and levels of motivation.  Good mental health care includes taking time for yourself to unwind and process what is happening for you, both on a daily basis and periodically.



Lecture 36: Success With Regards To Happiness


How successful are you at being happy?  It’s quite an unusual question but one that can form the basis of most areas of our life. If we’re not happy, we’re less likely to feel confident, enthusiastic and will effect our energy levels.



Lecture 37: BONUS LECTURE – Mindfulness for Happiness!


I thought I would share with you how much Mindfulness can help us to gain more joy from our life, that’s why I decided to add this bonus lecture after learning about how we can enjoy more success in feeling happy! It’s actually a lecture taken from my Mindfulness course.  This particular lecture involves a mindfulness breathing meditation, and how we can use our breathing as a point of focus.  It also has corresponding downloads, so be sure to check them out too!


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Section 13: Toolkit for Success – Lecture 38: 10 Lists To Success


Ten essential lists to guarantee success!



Lecture 39: How To Chart Your Progress?


This lecture is devoted to ways in which we chart our progress towards self- actualisation, in order that we will know when we’ve reached what we’re striving for.



Lecture 40: A Final 10 Tips To Become Successful


Lastly in this section, we include a final ten tips to become successful!



Section 14: Conclusion – Lecture 41: Conclusion


This is the concluding lecture of my course.  I really hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you will continue your journey into making every area of your life, successful!




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Preview How To Be Successful

Exciting and unpredictable!  I absolutely loved the cartoon instructor taking the class, I have never seen that before, brilliant! I didn’t know what was coming next, a presentation, video, slideshow, thoroughly engaging




Excellent teaching methodology 🙂  Kept me engaged and completed the course in one hit!!! Superb 🙂


Incredibly interesting  Wow, so incredibly interesting. I had many questions answered for me, great course.


Really gets you thinking like a successful person  Definitely gonna implement the tips and techniques


Interesting on so many levels!  Asking yourself if you consider yourself to be successful is a pretty scary question but it does get you to thinking!!! I admit that my first answer was a resounding NO but on reflection there are a fair few areas of my life that I am truly successful in but never give myself credit for. So I thank this course for helping me realise that and for showing me ways in which I can improve those areas in my life that I want to be more successful in. I have been really touched by it thank you!


First class course  Thanks Libby. You took the time to explain things in depth and I really like your English accent LOL.  Heaps and heaps of useful knowledge shared in an interesting way 🙂


Real life pragmatic suggestions that are authentic and realistic


GREAT LECTURES ON SELF LIMITING BELIEFS  For me personally this is one of my biggest downfalls and it defintely keeps me from being all that I want and know I can be. Brilliant course thank you.


Great Opportunity to revaluate your life!  A great course to kick the year off with. I intend to make 2016 the year of complete and utter success “Woo Hoo”!


A Sterling Success! Excuse the pun!!!  Great resources with a lot of detail.


Informative with some really good ideas


Superb 🙂 Another great course from you Libby  Appropriate downloads and tools accompany the learning objectives. Frankly there isnt anything left uncovered. Regardless of what youd like to exceed in therell be something in here to get you going 🙂


Really Interesting!  The course was presented in an easy manner and very comprehensive. I will recommend it without reservation.


GREAT PRACTICAL APPROACHES  Easy to implement and it was great that every area of one’s life can be improved and it isn’t just focused on one part like financial or love.


An Eye-opener  I got this course as a gift, but I would have gladly paid full price. It gave me a very practical perspective on achieving personal success and does tell you the “how” of achieving success. If you’re looking for a quick fix or an easy way out though, you may not like the answer you get. If you really want a solid perspective on how to approach and think about success this is the course for you.


Looking forward to using some of the principles !!!!  Thank Libby I am looking forward to making some more money this year as I’m sure half the country is! I thought your ideas were well thought out and had a good basis so I am going to go great guns in using them! I promise I will keep in touch and let you know how I’m doing over the next few months ££££ !!!!



Some excellent advice and practical help  I have always wanted to start my own busines and I will definitely take some things from this course that will be able to stand me in good sted!

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