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Make colours come alive 

This Art Therapy Training Online Course, Art Therapy For Everyone, is a self paced online course with a difference.  As with all our training online courses, this art therapy training online course comes with complete email support from the course creator Libby Seery.  This means that you have all the flexibility that comes with other self paced online courses, like choosing when, where and how long you study, with the addition of support, that you would normally only receive from a classroom scenario. 


Libby Seery has specifically created this art therapy training online course, art therapy for everyone, so that we can all benefit from the various therapeutic properties that just simply creating art provides us with.


This art therapy training online course requires no previous experience of creating art.  Whether you consider you are good at creating art or you consider you have no artistic qualities whatsoever, this matters not, as simply engaging in the practice of creating art, is itself a very therapeutic practice.


All the activities contained within this art therapy training online course can be completed by anyone and of any age, all that is required is an open mind and imagination.  Creating art is an amazing form of self expression and instantly affords us a feeling of calm and serenity.  By engaging in the many activities contained in this art therapy training online course you enter an environment which is safe, relaxing and free from anxiety.

Art- Like birds on a wire 

We all have a creative side and this creative side has unlimited potential, this art therapy training online course is the perfect way to tap into this unlimited potential that we have.  There are various therapeutic properties that creating art through self expression can provide, this is also true for various art materials that we use, providing us with sensory stimulation.



Therapeutic Properties Associated With Art Therapy


Many activities contained within this art therapy training online course promotes self expression through the creative process, improving our overall emotional well being.  Other benefits include:


A more positive way of managing our emotions


Gain confidence to address issues both past and present that have a negative affect on us


Gain an increase in confidence and self esteem 


Gain a greater awareness of self


Studies have shown that there are many benefits associated with colouring in, with just twenty minutes a day spent on colouring in, can afford you less stress, better sleep and a calmer mind.


Art is like a tree that grows 

This Art Therapy Training Online Course Is Suitable For:


This art therapy training online course is suitable for everyone and can be shared and enjoyed with family and friends alike as a way of bonding together


All people that enjoy being creative 


All people that enjoy art


Anyone wishing to increase their confidence and or self esteem


Persons wishing to express themselves in another way


As an way of practicing active meditation


Anyone recovering from an illness or following some form of trauma


People looking for different ways of approaching art


People managing stress levels or anxiety or looking for alternative ways to relax


People interested in personal development or self discovery


Art helps with painful emotions

Art Therapy Training Online Course Content



Section 1.  Introduction to Art Therapy Training Online Course


So what is art therapy and the therapeutic properties associated with creating art?


How this form of self expression can help us form better relationships and communicate with other people in a more positive way.


How to use art as a self healing tool.


How to use art as a way of active meditation.


We take a look at the different ways in which we can express ourselves through art.

 Art for everyone

We gain an insight into the role played by an art therapist, including how they interpret non verbal communication and why some people may work with an art therapist.


Some of the basic essentials that are needed in order to create art, just some paper and a few pencils is all thats needed to get you started.


Section 2.  Introduction to Art Therapy Training Online Course – Self Exploration

 Bring sunshine in your life with art

We begin section two with ways in which we use art to express ourselves and also as a way of self healing.


The physical and emotional benefits of art expression.


Creating your image diary (spontaneous), and your vision board.


Learn how to relax by simply creating a scribble drawing, a very effective stress reliever. 


Two great exercises for understanding how you are feeling, are the wheel of emotion and painting your emotions.  Through the wheel of emotion you can clearly see how colours relate to feelings and by painting your emotions you will gain an understanding of how your feelings influence the art that you create.

 Art aids effective communication

Creating affirmation cards for yourself is a great positive step in recognising how wonderful you are.  This is an important step in changing negative unhelpful beliefs you may have about yourself, into an increased self esteem that turn into positive actions and feelings of self.


Another good activity for self esteem and acceptance is to write a letter of love to yourself.


Writing a letter to your pain is a fantastic way of addressing certain feelings that you may have difficulty dealing with.


Painting  a portrait of yourself in a non judgemental way is brilliant for altering critical or negative thoughts about yourself whenever you see your own reflection.


Having a deeper awareness of yourself can be achieved by creating masks, an inner mask, which displays what we show only to a few people and an outer mask, the side we show to the majority.

 Art for all seasons

Staying with self awareness, we create for ourselves a soothing images folder.  Using images that relate to pleasant memories created through all the senses, you can create new positive sensations whenever you need them just by looking through your folder.


There are clever activities which help you discover deeper feelings in order to explore them further.  These feelings can communicate through art you create.


Meditative painting is an active form of meditation that brings both mind and body together.  As with more traditional styles of meditation, meditative painting is equally beneficial. 


Section 3.  Art Activities for Fun and Enjoyment


Section three of this art therapy training online course is packed full of activities that are just fun to do and bring great enjoyment.

 Art is expressive

You will find all the more familiar types of art in this section, like still life using pencil shading techniques as well as creating still life using chalks and charcoals.  There are activities in creating different shading techniques as well as making your own shading guide using pencils.  Contour drawing is a great way of putting onto paper what you can see with your eye rather than drawing what the eye thinks it can see.


Using pen and ink, line, different shapes and textures is a fantastic exercise in order to understand visual representation of natural everyday objects like flowers, landscape, trees etc and then to transfer this vision onto paper.


Mandalas are amazing designs that at first appear very complicated, but are in fact quite easy to create.  Creating these amazing designs is a form of active meditation and colouring them in is such a therapeutic, rewarding exercise.


Zentangles are brilliant little designs that you can create anytime and anywhere and like with mandalas are also a form of active meditation.


Section 4.  Family Bonding and Art Therapy


The final section of this art therapy training online course is using art therapy for family bonding.  Art is the perfect tool for resolving many issues within a family.  The dynamics within families can often be a challenge and art is a great way of bringing everybody together, helping resolve some of the issues or conflicts that may be existing.  

 Art comes in all forms

Accessing our inner child, this is a brilliant activity for achieving a state of non judgement, just like when we were little.  Once back in a state of non judgement, we are able to freely express ourselves in the art that we create.


There are two activities involving face painting.  Here we learn how to paint a face of a tiger as well as a clown, these are such fun.


Other activities in this final section for art therapy training online course includes making designs using chalks and string, very messy but lots of fun.  There are activities using fabrics, clay and other materials.  Clay is an excellent material that is very therapeutic to use.  There is also an activity to create your own piñata, every step from concept to the final demolition of this activity is so enjoyable.


Creative writing is such an amazing exercise, you are free to let your imagination run riot.  What better way to express how you are feeling than to do it through different characters that come from imagination.

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Preview Online Art Therapy

Thought Provoking Course  This course is extremely authentic and unique, combining an interesting theory found in the therapeutic nature of art and creativity. Learning about the basics of art is in itself thought provoking and the concept of creating art as being therapy makes sense. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested not only in art but also for those who want to explore beyond that and the theory of art as a therapy.

Review for Art Therapy  Overall, I found this course to be enlightening and enjoyable. This course did well in outlining the basic steps necessary to create a number of different ways of using art to express oneself.  Very interesting

Great insight into art basics.  I’m so pleased that this course was available online.  It gave me the chance to attempt art as an adult.  I thought I was poor at art and had no creative side whatsoever, how wrong was I?

Brilliant Course, I am definitely benefitting from lots of the exercises that this course has packed inside of it.  My stress levels are reduced when I grab some pens and paper and start scribbling away.  Thank you for this great course, I love it!

Loved it! 

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